Robert Shaw Formal Announcement

December 19, 2022

TO: Garden City Chapel and Retreat Family

FROM: Dennis McElveen, Garden City Chapel Trustee Chairman

I am writing to you to share some important news about our pastor, Robert Shaw.

On Monday, December 5, Robert shared the following message in his Monday weekly video devotional:

"I have a couple of personal request. After nearly 22 years, I will be stepping away at the end of this month as Garden City Chapel, Pastor, so my prayer is that you will pray, for what's next for me, what is the next chapter for me, and that I hear and sense God's clear direction as he leads me in that, so thank you for your prayer in that."

"and second is, some of you already know this, but I am struggling with Parkinson's, and being treated for it. I am on medicine, it is not advanced to a bad stage, yet, but I trust and pray that I am able to function, and to do what Go has called me to do."

Robert has been in important part of our chapel years. We are going to miss him. On behalf of all of our Trustees and our Chapel family, I would like to thank Robert and Eva for all the years. God has called them to serve at Garden City Chapel and Retreat. This is a special family that God has used in our community and schools to share the message of Jesus Christ to those around them. We have so many ways by their collective and individual impact on those around them. Through God's, inspire, teaching and leading, Robert has had an impact on our Trustee Board, many children's homes, who come our way each summer, youth pastors, regular attendees, and thousands of vacationers who have worship with us over the years. God has gifted Robert with an amazing ability to teach and share the gospel of Jesus Christ and we have all been beneficiaries of his sharing that gift with us. We know God will continue to use Robert and Eva to be a blessing. However, he may call them to serve in the future.

The following question has been asked by our Trustees as we have been preparing for Robert's announcement. How can the Chapel family be a part of helping prepare for Roberts future?

Love Offering: we are going to Robert love, offering in honor of his years of service at the chapel, and we would like to invite you to be a part of that special gift. If you choose to be a part of giving this gift, you can give online by going to our website at and click the "Robert Shaw Love Offering" banner at the top of the webpage or click the QR code below. 

Prayer: There is one other way that you can be a part. Robert has requested prayer for God's leading as to what God has planned for him next.

Our Chapel has been blessed beyond measure over the last 70 years. We will miss Robert as our Pastor, but we are excited about our future and we hope you will continue to be a part of that future and what God has in store for "God's Little Fortress by the Sea."

Scan the QR code with your phone camera to make a love offering gift.